Ludum Dare 33 – A Matter of Survival

This game was made for Ludum Dare 33 (Jam).
The theme was: “You are the Monster”.
It was made entirely within 72 hours with C++ and SFML.
All code was from scratch. Textures and Sounds were sourced.

Ludum Dare Game Page:

A Matter of Survival Screenshot
Every creature must eat to survive.
Some eat fish, Some eat plants, and some eat Humans.
It’s nothing personal, It’s just A Matter of Survival.

Fulfill your unquenchable hunger by running around and eating all the delicious humans.

Use Arrow Keys to Move.

Images From:
Sounds From: and

Post Jam Changelog:
Now works on Windows XP. (Aparently XP doesn’t like loading 1500×1500 pixel textures)
Game now pauses when window focus is lost.
Humans now respawn after a while. (Only when off screen)
Game now only renders whats in the view screen. (This has improved performance)
Humans with guns now aim properly.
Player can now move diagonally.
Humans no longer react to you through walls.
Added WASD controls.

Windows (LD33)
Windows (Post Jam)

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