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Ludum Dare 34 – Harry The Unusually Happy Worm

This game was made for Ludum Dare 34 (Jam).
There were two themes this time. They were: “Two button controls” and “Growing”.
It was made entirely within 72 hours with C++ and SFML.
All code was from scratch. Textures and Sounds were sourced. (Some textures by me)

Ludum Dare Game Page:

Harry The Unusually Happy WormEat Humans and Potatos to Grow your length. (The max length is 1000)

There’s a Race you can start by crossing the checkered flag on the middle left of the map. (Then follow the arrows)

Left Arrow turns left.
Right Arrow turns right.

Images From: Public Domain (Some textures by me) and
Sounds From: and